Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tim Horton looking at 350 million plus market with flawed strategy

Their penetration strategy to focus on key 9 states might have strategic logic but I see their strategy rigid  and obsolete. Why they could not simply follow the Canadians .The CND dollar  is roaring and I don't think there will be end to the rally.
You see huge line-up at border , many are going there for shopping and some simply dash to fill the gas tanks .The businesses at the south side are flourishing,  coffee stands, grocery shops and malls are seeing unprecedented growth in revenue  .
Why Tim Horton is not following simple strategy of following the Canadians and bring them their favourite coffee and donuts ?  ....This can be the example  of strategic  stubbornness, however there might have been other valid reason behind the imperative

Sarab Mann  

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